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Looking to add an eye-catching exterior feature to your home or commercial building? Our premium aluminum products give soffits and siding the appearance of real wood without the maintenance. Available in a variety of colours, wood grains and gloss finishes that are truly superior and resistant to weathering; no fading, peeling, warping, or rotting. Furthermore, longboards are impervious to mosquitos or insects as a whole and non-combustible.

What could be better than a low-maintenance exterior? With certified architects, builders, and engineers, you can be confident that your longboards will be installed professionally and built to last.


Copper is the perfect exterior solution for both traditional or modern designs to compliment your home or building and add a sense of warmth. It is a malleable solution easily formed into any roof shape or structure.

With a wide range of design options, copper has proven durable and resistant to numerous exterior elements. We use copper that doesn't need finishing or painting as the quality of material is truly excellent. Furthermore, the copper has a natural weathering process that can result in warm bronze tones with a stunning patina finish. We pride ourselves in quality installations to provide a long term, low maintenance design that holds it's value.


When you plan to build a steel building or metal property, we provide several options for trim colours and panels. When the traditional appearance of your metal property does not suit the landscape or your personal liking, we develop effective, efficient solutions. Our exterior metal capping services provide a low maintenance, high quality solution to increasing your curb appeal on a budget!

For a slight restoration or added character, cladding and capping maintains your original exterior's look with a range of styles and colours. With high quality materials and professional installers, you can be confident that this slight modification will add value to your property.


Whether you're looking to increase curb appeal, heighten security or decrease your energy usage with properly fitted doors, Advanced Custom Exteriors provides high quality solutions!


Our skilled installers ensure fast, quality service with complete replacements or repairs. Help us, help you add character to your home. We'll help find the perfect style and type of window or door for your unique home. 


Our speciality is project customization to make your dreams a reality with practical, eye-catching designs. To ensure high-quality, lasting results, we use non-traditional materials to help keep maintenance low, leaving you more time to enjoy your space.


Need a specific feature installed or repairs on an existing deck? We are a trusted builder, priding ourselves on expertise and drive for creating beautiful spaces, custom to each client's needs and wants.


Increase the value of your residential and commercial property with custom wood working to bring a sense of artistry and true curb appeal to make your property, yours.

There are next to no limitations with wood working customizations. We do anything from custom cabinets, stairs, tables or decorative ornaments. Our goal is to provide value to our work through creativity, quality, and function. Whether you have a big project or small, we're at your service.



Sealant issues or leaks? Contact Advanced Custom Exteriors to properly seal all gaps and joints with the latest and most effective products.  Generally, this is done to control water penetration, mitigate noise and offer thermal insulation. Ensuring leaks are sealed within your home or building will reduce your carbon footprint, energy costs and keeps insects and rodents out.

Polysulfide, polyurethane, silicone, acrylic and polyurethane or sylil-terminated polyether sealant are used depending on the application. Unlike typical construction caulk applied to non-moving components, our sealants contain elastomeric materials that can allow movement of 25-50% of the width of a particular joint. For moving components such as operable windows and doors, weatherstripping would be used. Our experts have been dealing with caulking for years. Trust us for a proper, lasting solution.


At Advanced Custom Exteriors, the rough-in process is both professional and seamless to pass building inspection and accommodate any client requests. Details are handled meticulously to ensure everything falls into place, thus eliminating the need for further changes that can extend the length of construction.


We lay out various basic lines without making final connections. Drywall is not installed while the walls are kept open. The absence of floor and wall coverings allows for easy modification if there are any changes to the project.


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